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Close all Past Accounts

By Fellow Rex Yeboah

What do you consider your past to be? Bad? Good? Indifferent? Ugly? You do seem to have these experiences in bits. Well, everybody does. And yes, the amusing expression of memory is that you don’t forget anything you experience.

Second question: How do your past experiences affect you? Do you draw joy and strength from them? or they blow depression and weakness to you mentally? I have better advice for you; close your past accounts. Yes! Close them. Feeding on past glory or shame does no good to progress. Forgetting what is behind you enhances your focus on the highest goals you have in life.

“South Korea’s political institutions would have suffered less damage if, like Mandela’s Government in South Africa, they had closed all past accounts” (Yew. L. pg. 537). The past only becomes an unprofitable weight to carry on your journey. It’s in your best interest to employ Mandela’s Government paradigm today.
Let me relay these free lessons to you:

Reform: Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, and that is why we call it present. Begin to build tomorrow with today. Allow rooms for spiritual and mental changes. Delete old memory data and replace them with fresh concepts relevant for tomorrow.

Endure: Letting go of the past requires hard work and patience. It takes discipline to accelerate mental management and to reduce the impact of past mental pictures on you. Let these indicators decide what you think about: truth, nobility, justice, purity, authenticity, and grace. It’s going to be tough doing this, but the result will be worthwhile.

Visualize: Begin to see the BIG future with your mind’s eye. That’s your account for tomorrow and I will advice you to start investing today. Also, check out some posts of other fellows on this block. You’ll find some pertinent knowledge there to feed on. 


Press on to your highest calling and stop looking back.

Be blessed to learn and share.

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