Programme Brief

The Central Leadership Program (CLP) is a year-long program to develop Christian leaders who will live for Christ within their sphere of influence and transform society through their exceptional Christ-centred leadership. CLP is based on the notion that young people have the capacity to become leaders in their chosen field of endeavor if given the exposure to concepts of leadership and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills through positive social action.
Curriculum Blocks

There are 6 Main Curriculum blocks namely:
  • Deepening Faith
  • Understanding Self
  • Developing Competencies
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Our World (the history of the African Leader)
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Programme Structure
The programme is currently structured for fellows to have a mixture of online and face-to-face learning experiences. The structure considers the academic calendars in Ghanaian Tertiary space. See our Programme Structure Page for more information.
Programme Activities


The programme is designed to:


Challenge fellows through several assignments and tasks especially during the online phases of the programme.
Teach and Invigorate fellows because the face-to-face encounters provide an opportunity for fellows to have deep and insightful discourse with faculty, guest speakers and their peers. Visit the gallery to see some of our guest speakers.
Expose fellows by giving them the opportunity to visit establishments where they can interact with leaders in different segments of society (civil service, legislature, chieftaincy etc.). Go to our gallery to see pictures of these visits (link to gallery).
Guide fellows through the relationship fellows develop with their assigned mentors, fellows are guided on their journey to become better leaders. See the profile of some of our mentors.
Equip fellows to change the society they live in. Each fellow is expected to begin the process of making an impact in his or her society by embarking on a social change project during the program.

Deadline: 31st October, 2022.

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