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By Eunice Kesewaa Opoku-Frempong

Apart from my good personal chemistry with Chiang Ching-kuo, the foundation of our relationship was that we were both against communism. The Chinese communist was his mortal enemy and Malayan communist party, which was linked to the Chinese communist party was mine. We had a common cause. -From third world to first, page 560.

Often times people enter into relationships for different reasons; some worthwhile, others not so much. Some relationships are also formed on the foundations of a common purpose and this phenomenon was not far fetched from how Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew and Taiwan’s premier Chiang Ching-kuo formed deep acquaintances.

It is very interesting to say in the least how both parties though entering for quite different reasons ended up building relationships which were both beneficial to their countries and to the leaders individually. For Lee Kuan Yew and Mr. Ching-kuo, it was trying to understand each other and finding a common ground to communicate effectively which created a path into a more productive bond. In this, there was a discovery of how the Taiwanese premier made such wise and productive decisions which saw Taiwan growing so steadily into a state with improved quality of life and growing economy, enough to be an encouragement for Singapore.

Let’s look at a few!

  • Honest advice and critique: Being at the receiving end of critiques can be very uncomfortable, but constructive criticism will be likened to a potter and his clay in this scenario. Until the art piece is perfect, the potter will remould and spin the clay and this is only to bring out the very best of art at the end. Sometimes it might not be what we want to hear, but it is what we need to hear!
  • Careful reflections: Daily introspection, journaling and careful reflections of thoughts, decisions to be made and actions to be taken as leaders is very important. Even after we have had advisors or knowledgeable insights on matters at hand, how do we come to our final decisions? Let it be after careful reflections, weighing every pro and cons.
  • Surround yourself with trustworthy people: what better way to effect changes in your life or live life other than with ones who are true to their words and hold their values and principles in very high esteem.

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