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by Fellow Edum-Fotwe Nathaniel

Ever reflected on the kinds of relationships you have? Have you ever wondered, “what else sustains these friendships?” You must admit, there are some people you easily get along with and for some, for one reason or another, it is really hard to. Well then, how do I deal with someone who,

a. I do not hate but we… just don’t get along?” or
b. “We are just so different; we don’t get each other?
Before I continue, here is the plot twist: You both need to work together! Here is one lesson, an everyday solution I learnt from Lee Kuan Yew.

Reading chapter 39 of “From 3rd World to 1st – The Singapore Story”, I was surprised at how Lee Kuan Yew related with the Chinese leaders. I wondered how he could get on so well with them even though their fundamental governing principles were so different. The answer I realised was R-E-S-P-E-C-T as Aretha Franklin sang! The reason why they were able to be so cordial with each other despite their obvious differences was that they respect each other’s way of doing things. Their mutual respect wasn’t derived from a blind admiration for each other but because they both expressed genuine concern for serving their people, giving them the best they can offer.

Respect is a broad term and I realise definitions might differ from person to person. However, what I am trying to point out here is being able to give the next person the benefit of the doubt. We may or may not agree on several things but I, with the genuine concern you have expressed, trust that you are able to handle your affairs and make the best out of the opportunities you encounter.

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