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A Leader’s Dialogues

Fellow Darlyn Thompson

One can agree that leadership always involves making decisions. The very start of one’s journey working your towards the goal is accompanied by all manner of choices. Some taken alone and others taken in collaboration with like-minded leaders. To fight for that which is best for the people, leaders usually engage in dialogues. This involves the cohesion and direction in activities that may lead to advantages and benefits.

Picking up lessons from Singapore and neighboring countries dialogues amid great uncertainties in their region, I came to appreciate the tactfulness with which they agreed and disagreed in dialogues while working towards their individual and collective goals. I appreciate better the concept of compromise.

“Where consensus was not possible, they settled for a compromise or a promise of cooperation. We learned the value of political coordination when negotiating with Americans, Europeans in the European Economic Community and Japanese.” -From Third World to First, page 331

In that, a consensus may not always be reached in dialogue however, there is always a place for compromise.

Leaders should always be ready to negotiate and not insist on their point of view all the time. Most importantly these leaders considered the long-term implications of the decisions taken in leadership. I believe this is an invaluable lesson that each one needs to hold on to to manage relationships with others and peacefully come to agreements.  

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