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By Fellow Baaba Nhyira Bondzi

“Singapore’s domestic debate is a matter for Singaporeans” -From Third world to First, page 194.

One remarkable thing we find in this statement is that Lee Kuan Yew accepted responsibility and took control of the situation. He did not give others the chance to pry and interfere in his business. In his words, “we cannot allow them to assume a role in Singapore that the American media play in America…” Managing the media in such crucial times wasn’t easy because most media houses reported false information.

‘If we do not stand up to and answer our critics from the foreign media, Singaporeans especially journalists and academics will be led to believe that their leaders are afraid of or unequal to the argument and would lose respect for us’- From Third world to First, page 194.

No leader desires to lose the trust and respect of his/her followers. Many people published false information about Lee Kuan Yew. However, he did what was right as a leader by standing up and always ready to face all critics.

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As a leader, “fear” shouldn’t be part of your vocabulary.



Know your position

When you know who you are, you can perform and be productive. From the very beginning, Lee Kuan Yew had a vision for the future of Singapore’s media. He did not let other foreign media houses take charge and cripple that of Singapore.

Don’t be afraid to confront your critics.

As a leader who everyone is looking up to, not everyone would take your side or agree with your decisions. Some people would openly speak against you, and you must confront them and not hide in the background. If you know where you’re going, you wouldn’t let people get in your way and discourage you. 

Every day is a day to know yourself better and live out your best life without any trace of fear. 

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