Pre-camp Session
After participants are selected, they begin the process of preparing to be a part of the Central Leadership Program by engaging in weekly tasks which include sending in reflections on materials given (videos and readings). They also submit brief presentation called Voice Note Challenges (Listen to a few submissions). In all there are not less than 10 separate tasks to perform.

2-Week Camp
The two-week camp is an intense time of learning through hands-on leadership, classroom discourse, interaction with guest speakers and visits to people and places. The camp is meant to be a fellow-run camp to ensure that the leadership principles taught are actively used during the time in camp. At camp fellows are encouraged to reflect and record on the lessons learnt daily.
During the camp the participants will have the opportunity to meet most of the mentors and make a choice of whom they would like to be mentored by. They will also form groups to begin planning for their Social Impact Projects.

Online Session One
Post camp, participants are given regular assignments and readings to reinforce what they have been exposed to during the camp. During this time fellow are also expected to refine their Social Impact Project proposals.

4-day Weekend 1
The 4- day weekend is a time of reflection and refreshment for fellows. It is meant to be a time for fellows to regroup and discuss their experiences. At this time their Social Impact Projects will be approved for implementation.

Online Session Two
Post Weekend 1, the fellows will continue to engage with faculty online as they implement their social impact projects.

4-day Weekend 2
This is the crowning face-to-face meeting where fellows officially present their completed social impact project reports, pass out of the programme and become alumni of the Central Leadership Program.

The CLP Alumni Program
This programme will provide fellows with support through building synergies with other young leaders who are working towards changing their world.