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Message By Dr. Otabil

It’s a new dawn. You are at the starting line. For those of you who have just become fellows you have begun a life- transforming process. For those of you who are becoming Beacons of Excellence, you are about to make your mark as transformed leaders.
You are not the only ones at a precipice. Africa is also at the cusp of a major shift in her course. You may not feel ready for a major shift and the environment around you may not feel like it is about to shift but, it is those who are ready at the time of the shift who are able to seize the moment. Waiting to prepare when the moment arrives means you are too late.
Many of the stories of greatness in the Bible begin from the ashes where both the protagonists and the environment seemed unprepared. Daniel arrives as a slave to Babylon, Joseph is presented as a prisoner and Moses stands before Pharoah as a stammering fugitive but, all three of these men go on to do spectacular feats in palaces and set the stage for epochal events. Do not despair if your current personal circumstances do not reflect the greatness ahead of you. Continue to prepare so that when the time comes, you will be ready to take the reins.
It takes those who are discerning to realize that the time of chaos is the time of opportunity. When there is hopelessness is when the voice of prophecy and hope is required. It is when there is chaos that true leadership shines. When there is poverty then, strong enterprise is appreciated. What do you see around you and how do you interpret it? Your interpretation will determine your actions. Let me share three important keys for you to keep in mind as you navigate the path ahead of you.

Firstly, do not sell your birthright. No matter how challenging the situation becomes, do not give up what God has given to you as a rightful blessing. There are many birthrights that seem “worthless” when we think we are “starving” such as our citizenship, our heritage and our faith but do not sell out! Esau did this and regretted it deeply. Our birthright gives us access to what should be uniquely ours but we have a choice to keep or sell our birthright. Don’t sell because you are hungry today or may need to weep for a blessing tomorrow.

Secondly, do not be quick to divulge what God has revealed to you. Each of us has a unique strength given by God.
It may not be as overt or spectacular as the strength of Samson but the principle is the same. What is meant to be between you and your God should remain so. Even when you are hassled do not reveal what God says is to remain hidden. Samson told his “lover” the secret of his strength and lost his greatness. Hezekiah showed the store houses of Israel to the King of Babylon and years later Babylon came to plunder them.

Finally, move in the direction God points you toward. God speaks to us collectively and individually. Do not doubt God’s voice to you because everyone else is going in the opposite direction. Abraham was to go to a land he did not know. Jeremiah bought a plot of land when Israel was to be captured by Babylon. Noah built an ark when rain had never fallen. Be brave. Listen to the voice of the Lord and act on His instruction, He will never fail you.

As we celebrate this milestone with you, we are confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

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