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Mrs. Erinn Ransom-Ofori


Mrs. Erinn Ransom-Ofori

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, the home of Black Wallstreet, Erinn has always had a passion for helping black people to recognize their power, beauty and abundant wealth. At the age of 10, Erinn told her grandmother that she would one day go to Africa because the people she saw on television were, in her words: too rich and powerful to not know it!

Erinn began her journey as a scholar of African American culture and history at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). There, she studied popular culture and its influence in shaping the social and political consciousness of African American youth. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in African American Studies and English, Erinn went on to further study consciousness theory at Cornell University, culminating in her Master’s thesis entitled “Third Eyes Wide Shut: The Spectrum of Consciousness in Rap Lyrics.” From there, Erinn was admitted to the University of California, Berkeley to pursue a PhD in African & African Diaspora Studies. During her graduate program, she taught courses on her research, co-founded the Hip Hop Studies Working Group, was a talk show host on Pacifica Radio and did public speaking engagements as a Hip-Hop Scholar.

In 2007, Erinn fulfilled her promise to her grandmother as she relocated to Ghana to continue her scholar activism. She first taught Africana Studies at Ashesi University (then later at Webster University) before taking a sharp turn into international development work at the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), a pan-African think tank that advises African governments on how to transform their economies.

Starting as a writer/editor, Erinn was soon promoted to Strategic Partnerships Advisor to the think tank’s president. There, she got an up-close look at the role of governance and economic policy in the transformation of African societies. She met African heads of state and worked closely with African ministries of finance as well as international development players at the World Bank, the MasterCard Foundation, European Union and other donor institutions.

Still searching for the most effective path to the transformation of Africa’s narrative, Erinn’s Christian faith and writing skills afforded her yet another pathway to contribute to African consciousness-raising and personal transformation as the book editor for one of Africa’s most influential religious personalities. Having edited more than 13 Christian publications, Erinn has conducted a systematic exploration of faith as a powerful and effective pathway to greater selfdiscovery and personal transformation through Christ. Today, Erinn brings all of her knowledge and experiences to her role as a Mindset Transformation Coach and the founder of Infinite Potential Africa Ltd, a personal development company that blends personal growth approaches with African & Diaspora studies, psychology, and faith to help clients live at their highest potential.

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