Deepening Faith

Through this area of the curriculum participants will be challenged to see their faith as a living faith that should permeate every area of their lives. They will also learn to develop daily disciplines that will keep their faith alive and relevant to their lives.

Understanding Self

Participants will be challenged to introspectively understand who they are. They will be encouraged to appreciate how their internal motivations affect their choices (including ethical choices), their direction in life and their perspectives.

Developing Competencies

Participants will be taught competencies to help them to effectively manage their lives so that they can systematically grow towards who they want to become. Some of the competencies they will be expected to learn are Critical thinking, goal setting, strategic thinking, problem solving, team building, communication, personal branding, project planning and decision-making.

Understanding Leadership

Participants will be challenged to see what difference good leadership could make to the country they find themselves in. The desire of the program is to begin the process of raising leaders who will challenge the status quo and work towards making a difference in the society they find themselves in.

Leading Change

This module is to help participants to learn how to be the change the wish to see. Participants will be taught how to practically mobilize for change to happen in the environment they find themselves in. At the end of the year, the participants should have successfully implemented a social action project and successfully reported on it.

Our World

This module walks fellows through the history of the African and how political leadership has evolved on the continent. Pre-colonial governance and leadership constructs, slave trade, colonialism, and post-colonial governance are some of the eras traversed in this module. This module gives context to the state of the African continent and the problems with African Governance and Political Leadership.