Books and Teaching Material
Donating to this cause ensures that our fellows are always given the best learning material available. Our fellows are guided to read several books during the time. Some of the books our fellows own and have been guided to read are:

Provided by CLP:
i. Third World to First World by Lee Kuan Yew

Donated by Authors:

i. Transformation Leadership, Walking the Talk by Andy Osei Okrah.
ii. In Pursuit of Maturity, Growing up Spiritually by Rahman Ainoo.
iii. Beyond the Rivers of Ethopia by Mensa Otabil.
iv. Buy the Future by Mensa Otabil.
v. Dominion Mandate by Mensa Otabil.
vi. Go Borrow Vessels by Mensa Otabil.
vii. Wisdom by Mensa Otabil.

We want to expand this book list and we would be grateful for your partnership in this area.

Social Impact Project
Our Fellows are all supposed to undertake a social impact project that will make an impact in a community that they choose. Your donation to this effort will ensure that more communities are touched with interventions that are designed and carried out by our fellows.
Partner with us to make a difference in communities and groom leaders at the same time! Support a Social Impact Project today!

You are free to give an open donation or to give to a specific need not mentioned here. Kindly discuss this with the Programmes Manager ( .
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