Grace Osei

is a student of the University of Cape Coast, a past fellow of the Central Leadership Program and now a Beacon of Excellence. The Central Leadership Program has been an insightful journey. The program has taught me the need to understand myself, think positively and challenged me to think critically as a leader as well as evaluate people and issues based on evidence rather than personal preference. Thank you, Central Leadership Program, for making who I am today and thank you ICGC for such a great initiative. I am now proud to be called a Beacon of Excellence.


Seizing Opportunities for Self-development

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Her experience as a CLP Fellow left her with a hunger to learn, to improve on herself and to enhance her ability to lead the people in her circle of influence. She received a fully funded Commonwealth-sponsored scholarship from the Ghana Library Authority to study on Coursera. In a space of 4 months, Grace Osei successfully completed sixty-four (64) courses online and has been recognized as the topmost learner in Ghana out of the over 1000 people who enrolled. Most of the courses she took focused on leadership and effective communication. She periodically writes articles on things she learnt about leadership and shares them with her audience on social media. Her recent post was entitled, ‘Trust: The Foundation of Leadership” and touches on trust as a key ingredient for effective leadership from the Christian perspective. She is happy that her experiences have shaped and equipped her to help other people in her region and beyond.