Amma Odamea Amoako

is a self-motivated, proactive and creative young lady who has passion to make a positive impact in the world. She loves to take initiative and has good communication skills. She founded Ladies for Change. an initiative aimed at putting smiles on the faces of the Ghanaian youth through the principles of Christ. She has organized seminars in some High Schools in Ghana. She is a counselor, motivator and blogger. In High School, she lost her bid to become the Girls’ Prefect position but was appointed as a Chapel Steward—this taught her about the perfect will of God concerning her life. She was the President of Pharmelodies, the Choir of the Ghana Pharmaceutical Students Association of Central University. She is now the acting Vice President of the Young Adults and Singles’ Ministry of Cornerstone Temple, Sekondi. Her hopes for the future are to pursue Law and Information Studies to enable her become a versatile in her practice as a pharmacist.


The Never- Ending Cycle of Learning

Though it felt like 2020 had dealt us all a hard blow, Beacon of Excellence, Amma Odamea Amoako decided to look beyond the circumstances and to give herself a chance at making an impact by using her social media presence. She had been learning new things and decided to make conscious efforts to engage intellectually on LinkedIn to share some of her thoughts and new ideas. Her new voice landed her spot on an international webinar as a panelist on TecTalk’s “The Black Women Matter” show with Kwamara Thompson a renowned Black Women Activist in the USA. (Read her full experience on her blog at Recently, Amma embraced another opportunity to become a Fellow at the Federation of International Gender and Human Rights (FIGHR). She was selected as one of 60 fellows selected out of over 450 young people who applied worldwide. The fellows are to work on a maternal healthcare policy to be implemented by the United Nations. Today, Amma stands with many other young Fellows from different parts of the world who are daring to make impact on the global scene!